Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Planning, Design, and Implementation: Second/Final Phase of Online Opinion Poll on 2011 Kalon Tripa primary election

Even though there is still no official announcement from the Election Commission on final candidates for the Kalon Tripa primary election, it is clear that the race is now down to three potential candidates: Lobsang Sangay la, Tenzin Namgyal Tethong la, and Tashi Wangdi la. I therefore decided to launch my 2nd phase (or final phase?) of online opinion poll on 2011 Kalon Tripa primary election in the next few days.

However, considering the low participation in the first phase of the same poll, I planned to do this time little differently in order to reach maximum number of Tibetan electorates. Through this piece, I would like to welcome volunteers or organization who are interested in working with me on this project. The criteria for volunteering for individual as well as organization are as under:

For individual:
1. He or she should remain objective throughout the polling period.
2. He or she should not be a supporter of any Kalon Tripa (KT) candidates.
3. He or she should not be an active member of any of the KT campaigns.
4. He or she should be someone who has (and will) not endorse any of the KT candidates in public or private forums.
5. He or she should not be directly or indirectly working for a Tibetan organization.
6. Preferably, someone with little understanding of English language and computer skills.
7. I am not in a position to provide any financial incentives. However, I am willing to pay for any expenses related to the volunteering work such as fliers, gasoline, glues, papers, phone charges, etc.

For organization:
1. Same as above - for the organization, its endorsements, and its employee(s).
2. I am willing to work with the organization on anything concerning opinion poll before, during, and after the poll.
3. I expect professionalism from the organization and its members throughout the polling period and at least, till the election date of March 20, 2011.
4. The organization should be willing to pay for all related expenses such as fliers, gasoline, papers, phone charges, etc.

What I expect from an individual volunteer:
1. Affix fliers at all cyber cafes and public notice boards at their locality.
2. Spread the word out.
3. If the volunteer is interested, I am willing to provide my support for one-on-one interview with the less or uneducated Tibetan electorates. I will provide tutorials via skype or video call on how-to conduct interviews and fill the survey forms. However, he or she should submit the survey results via e-mail to me within the next two days after the polling deadline to ensure timely analysis of the survey results. This is not as complicated as it seems to be. If interested volunteer likes to feel the work, I am more than happy to discuss on anything without any obligations.

What I expect from the organization:
1. Same as above.
2. In addition, post the online survey link on their official Website if any.
3. The organization's endorsement for the survey.
4. Will not organize any talks or debates on any one or two KT candidates. It should be "no candidate" or "all three candidates".

Things to consider:
1. I may not need volunteers if an organization is willing to work with me and satisfies all criteria.
2. If there is more than one volunteer from a particular locality, I will select only one.
3. If I do not find a volunteer for a particular locality, I may request someone I know (or through you) to affix the fliers.
4. Please contact me by January 8, 2011.
5. I am also thinking of an EXIT POLL on the Election Day. So, I may need volunteering services on it too. Criteria the same but it will be one-on-one interview. More details on EXIT POLL will come once I receive and read the Demographic Survey of Tibetans in exile - 2009 from the Planning Commission, Dharamsala.

Finally, please feel free to nominate volunteers/organization. I would love to contact him or her. Moreover, I would appreciate if you have any suggestion on online opinion poll based on your expertise and experiences (including your last participation in the first phase of the online opinion poll on Kalon Tripa preliminary election).

Denzi Yishey
Doctoral Candidate
United States

*Submitted to the Tibetan Political Review and Phayul on December 29, 2010 4.10 EST.

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