Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life is a million dots...

My life is a million dots
Dots that are spread out
Spread out in East and West
West is the dream
Dream that embraces individualism
Individualism outpace collectivism
Collectivism is/was my root
Root that received minimal waters
Waters no more quench my thirst
Thirst leads me nowhere
Nowhere seems the destination
Destination that lies in the cloud
Cloud, when will you burst?
Burst is all you can do to quench
Quench, is that what I want?
Want is where I lose my dots
Dots that fail to connect
Connecting the dots is my dream
Dream that may end my hope
Hope is all I owned by birth
Birth itself created the first dot
Dot that says I am a born refugee
Refugee, am I?
I prefer a Stateless
Stateless is a state of mind
Mind that keeps creating more dots
Dots seem my only possession
Possession no one likes to own
Ownership of dots: beautiful or ugly
Ugly except on a pointillist's painting
Painting is what I closely relate
Relationship of Tibetan and others
Others admire you on the wall
Wall that restricts human touch
Touch believes to spoil the painting
Painting that is rarely admired
Admiration comes the most
Most when the artist dies
Dying, is that when the dots will connect?
Connect, connect, connect...
Connecting the dots
Dots are my life
Life on a pointillist's painting
Painting that continues to….

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