Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three Things to Think About in the Charter Redrafting Committee Report

Following are three things in the report, submitted by the Charter Redrafting Committee to the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, that failed to pass the thread of my logic:

Tenure of Kalon Tripa

The committee proposed a change in the tenure of Kalon Tripa from the present restriction of no more than two consecutive terms to no tenure restriction. I do not understand why the committee proposed this change that goes against leadership principles of many great democratic constitution. Tibetans do not and will not wish for a leader like Egypt's Mubarak to rule for more than thirty years. I believe the present restriction of no more than two consecutive terms stay well with the logic of "Change" and "New Administration" for the Central Tibetan Administration. However, it may be right to have no tenure restrictions on individual Kalons if Kalon Tripa decides to nominate him or her in the Kashag.

Approval of New Kalons

Earlier, New Kalons, nominated by Kalon Tripa,  have to have a simple majority from members of the parliament to induct him or her in the new Kashag. However, the current proposal from the committee withdrew the need of an approval for nominated Kalons from the TPiE. The present proposal seems to give all power to the elected Kalon Tripa to form his Kashag without any debate or discussion on new Kalons. First, this change seems to lack the logic of check and balance in a democratically formed administration. Second, God forbid, in case if Tibetan elects a wrong Kalon Tripa, then, the whole Kashag will be wrong too. That will be a huge blow to the Tibetan struggle as well as exile administration.

Relinquishing Kalon Post

Under the current proposal, an individual Kalon has to resign if asked to by the Kalon Tripa. This proposal will make all Kalons as Chelas to Kalon Tripa and will definitely hinder the debate, discussion, and decision of the Kashag. In any public administration, a power should not be vested in one individual. Instead, it should be democratically aligned over top people in the administration. Therefore, to relinquish any Kalon from the Kashag, I feel it should not be only Kalon Tripa but the Kashag who should forward it to TPiE for two-third majority to relinquish any Kalon from the Kashag.

These three caught my eye in the report. There may be many. Feel free to drop in. Also, feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.

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