Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will Tibet See Suicide Bombers?

On Feb 8, 2012, as appealed by the Kashag (Tibetan cabinet), Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala, Tibetans in San Francisco and Bay Area assembled at the Chinese Consulate, San Francisco for solidarity candle light vigil.

With a candle, I prayed and walked several San Francisco streets along with hundreds of Tibetan fellows, including some non-Tibetan supporters.  As you may be aware, a few of the slogans are like clothes I would prefer not to wear on the street (Read my earlier piece on this).  While repeating some slogans, I spoke to myself, “We have been doing this for years now.  What really came out is a plenty of awareness in the world and a little on the ground in Tibet - the heart of the matter”.

After several walks along the streets, the vigil ended at the Chinese Consulate.  Standing alone at a corner of the Consulate, I do not want to listen but overheard a nearby conversation among three young Tibetan men.  Understandably, they were passionately discussing the Tibetan freedom struggle.  One men seems to have some knowledge of China.  He shared, “Unlike other super powers, China has a territorial ambition.  Sooner or later, China will try to stretch its territorial borders which may end up in conflicts”.  While another men curiously shared, “how might it go if Tibetans start bombing China?”. 

From their conversation, it was clear that young Tibetans are losing patience.  I realized that if the negotiation between Tibetan delegates and China’s United Work Front fails to produce any concrete results for Tibetans in Tibet in the next five or six years, young Tibetans may take a totally different route to resolve Tibet’s problem. 

Reflecting on a popular advise from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the CTA may need to “hope for the best but prepare the worst” i.e., if young Tibetans start using violence as an approach towards resolving Tibet’s problem.  Among several alternatives, one may be that the CTA starts evaluating or reevaluating different approaches (or policies) towards peacefully resolving Tibet’s problem before it turns violent. 

Finally, when the crowd was about to disperse, I saw a non-Tibetan lady crying and muttering towards a group near me, “she (a speaker) is saying autonomy for Tibet”.  It was little intimidating to see a non-Tibetan crying for Tibet.  What the lady said at the end stunned me (if I heard it right).  She was talking about using suicide bombers for Tibet. 

Will suicide bombers do good for resolving Tibet’s problem?  My hindsight is, it will do more harm than any good.  However, reflecting on earlier conversation among three young Tibetan adults and correlating it with a non-Tibetan lady’s support for violence, I felt the CTA must do something before nothing could stop these peoples from going beyond anyone’s understanding. 


  1. I think the piece is well presented and you highlighted an issue that was overlooked by many in granted and now there is a sign of rising impatience in Tibet too. There was a blast in Derge recently and I think China have to see into these very seriously. One day there might be situation, where gun alone cannot create so called "STABILITY" in Tibet.

  2. Why not suicide bomber....? Chinese are like wild elephant that entered into green field not just eating crops but damaging more then it can eat. Just like poor farmers in Shichak how long can we pray & wait for the elephant to leave.....before all crops are destroyed...! How long can we say prayers & wish all will be fine one find day....! So far we are on losing side...Non violence is cool thing to preach but I believe it won't solve our real problem. If like to have omelet one has to break egg....freedom doesn't come free....mankind had shed bloods for it....! China has very nicely and successfully employed population transfer in Tibet as strategy & tools without much bloodshed able to cleanse Tibetan Culture & Way of can we afford to wait....any longer....longer.! Longer we wait....weaker you grow......Weak man can hardly stand!....Now or never...!

  3. I think we should blow up the railway line from Beijing to Lhasa. Lets just blow up all the infrastructure build to serve Chinese in Tibet.

  4. and blow up power grid, let chinese freeze to die.

  5. I totally disagree with suicide bombing. Only innocent people dies in that kind of action. So far we have seen so many kind of this cases in all these countries, what happen. only innocent people dies in this situation and nothing get effected to the one who is on the top controlling everything. So i think it is totally wrong to think this way. yes, some people do think this way because of desperation,but under the blessing of H.H i am sure we will be find one day without taking such action. Our goal is to fight with chinese govt. not with innocent people both from side. God bless everyone and there will be SUN SHINE on the roof of TIBET with pride we can held our head high and show the world the example. god bless all and BOE GYALO. sorry if you dont get the exact point what i ment to write. poor english. haha

  6. Die trying any sequencing pattern that the world is at pace, actually ignorant paved the situation chaos. Looking out to the
    new world today, people migrates and the geographical and
    cultural evolution is taking on a haste, new dimensional outlook
    appears through Western Free Market Economy Ground. There is no place left so far where Chinese and White Men explored. World is getting immensely accessed at your finger tips. Tibet will eventually occupied literally by the Chinese population. There is no alternative plan against this except Tibetans shall follow back to Chinese norms of Autonomy . Already exiled Tibetans had their dreams of all odds freedom of doom and independence at what expense? Suicide? That really is bad choice. Why? Dalai Lama aspire all Tibetans to be literate and educated, and play out on global free market, rather take stones in the hand.

  7. sucide bombing is not the way. we tibetans are not murderers!