Monday, August 13, 2012

The Search...

A mile gone
Untiring legs
Dark lanes
Searching light

A long walk
Finding destination
Overtly confused
Searching peace

A bench rest
Recalculating route
Seeing up
Searching moon

A lone star
A ray of light
Right direction?
Searching hope

A thin line
Crisscrossing dots
All blacks
Searching white

A road ahead
Unknown journey
Dark sky
Searching home

A restless heart
Untamed mind
Feeling lost
Searching love

A lost mind
Resting nowhere
Wandering everywhere
Searching self

A born loner
Complex name
Springboard lives
Searching nest

A human animal
Deducting "human"
Within oneself
Searching animal

A headless head
Complex braincell
Spinning neurons
Searching mind

A painless pain
Clueless bruises
Polluted airs
Searching breath

But I know 
Moon is far
Life is short
But still

*Just wrote in an hour from my iPhone while sitting on a park bench on August 12. Signed 10.14pm*

1 comment:

  1. Chola, what are you searching for though? Love or past life or lost love?