Thursday, October 16, 2014

Results: Online Survey on the Relocation of the Office of Tibet, New York to Washington DC

The following is just the results. The analysis will be shared and discussed later.

Q. 9. Do you think Tibetans in North America should have a say in the decision that led to the relocation of the Office of Tibet from New York to Washington DC?

Yes 62% and No 31%
Nearly two-third of the survey participants responded YES while less than one-third NO.

Q. 7. Do you agree with the relocation of the Office of Tibet, New York to Washington DC?

Yes 36% and No 41% 
Nearly 41% of the participants did not agree with the relocation while 36% agree.

Q. 8. Under whose direction, do you think the Office of Tibet in New York decided to relocate to Washington DC? (Check all that apply)

Nearly 57% of the respondent think it's Kashag;
24% Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New York;
14% Tibetan Parliament in Exile; and
10% International Campaign of Tibet

Q. 3. Gender

Male 63% and Female 37%

Q. 5. In which country do you currently live?

United States 79%
India 12%
4% each from Canada and Europe

Q. 4. Age (in years)

81% of the survey participants were in the age group of  26 to 45 years

Facebook generated more than three-fourth of the total responses

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