Sunday, November 2, 2014

More vs. Less: Who is the Winner?

In present days, we know very little about the more and more about the less. With information overload and shrinking memory power, this phenomenon could be seen in most societies.  There is no problem until a culture develops around it where telling truth about little is proving fatal and telling lie about more is gaining momentum.  This culture is already magnified in the United States and finding its strong foothold in the emerging economic powers of the world.

In the so-called modern world, you are always encouraged to say "I know" even though you know very little.  You are encouraged to speak more even though you know less.  You are pampered to speak good about others even though you know you are lying.  You are not welcomed or labeled as weirdo if you tell the plain simple truth.  Almost everything looks fake and fabricated.

It seems the faking is the new truth in the modern world.  May be it is the new culture where comforting is valued, soothing is demanded, compliment is appreciated and happiness is expected.  Whatever you do, make sure others are happy - even at the cost of lying.  The lying is the new mantra.

Moreover, modesty is at it's lowest level. It has lost its value.  Today, if you are modest, people will look down on you.  Some will go to the extent of advising you, "please don't be modest."

You are also engulfed in the world of advertisements where you are provided instructions on how you should dress, how you must look, how you utter a word, and how and what you should consume.  People have forsaken moral values over monetary gain and excelled in the art of telling truth about lying.

Faking and lying has one thing in common - both falls under the category of knowing little about your need but knowing more about your want.  Want is the invisible driver that is softly killing the values human endeared for centuries as an extraordinary species.  Humans are losing its natural instincts.  They forgot to think without a computer, they forgot to communicate without a phone, they forgot to socialize without social networks, they forgot to function without a gadget, they forgot to shop without an advertisement and the dependency list goes on.  Human has never been so dependent in their entire human history.  Without technology, it seems human will stop functioning and the life will stand still.

In the future, truth will not matter.  What matters will be how you assert your position to the others.  Even if it is a lie, people will start believing in it.  Modern world will gradually and involuntarily turn deaf ears on the truth.

Now, you may be wondering - is this guy telling the truth? Is truth relative, subjective, or absolute?  If you have any of these questions, you are on the same boat sailing towards an unknown destination.  Welcome aboard!

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