Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Your Holiness The Dalai Lama!

Even before I was born
I heard your name
A thousand times

With your love
I grew up
As a loving child

Seeing you as a role model
I grew up
As a hard working kid

Listening to your advice
I grew up
As an educated person

Under your shadow
I grew up
Safe and secure

Under your compassion
I grew up
Happy and smiling

Under your reflection
I grew up
As a proud Tibetan

With your blessing
I grew up
As a good Buddhist

I am successful
Because of you

I know
Thank you
Is not enough

I am
Who I am
Because of how much you gave
To me, my family and Tibetan people

*Just wrote this piece in a burst of emotion and gratitude.


  1. Have an amazing birthday. It only PARTY
    comes one day a year so do something to make it memorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!